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NomWiki (version 1)

WikiName is the title of a page on the WikiWikiWeb. When creating new pages, try to think of something descriptive, but not too long.

A valid WikiName? consists of the characters A-Z. You may also insert numbers if necessary (but please don't overdo it.)

In order to create links to pages you have to string the words together like this: SecretArtOfWar makes SecretArtOfWar?. (There have to be at least two words starting with uppercase letters in order for the word to be recognized as link.)

You can also use spaces if you put the name into square brackets like this: [Secret Art of War] makes Secret Art of War?. Using square brackets also allows you to use single words as pagenames like tesuji.

You are allowed to use more characters in bracket links. They are [ . , - ' ] (full stop, comma, hyphen, single-quote). These characters just get removed. E.g. "Sensei's Library" is the same as SenseisLibrary, "Yi Ch'ang-ho" is the same as YiChangHo, or rec.games.go is the same as RecGamesGo.

See also: TextFormattingRules?, AddingPages?

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